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The Miller Lash Estate is nestled in the picturesque valley of Highland Creek. In 1913 Miller Lash, a wealthy Toronto businessman, was so impressed by the land with its grassy fields, forest and rushing stream, that he promptly bought the property. He commissioned a firm of architects from Upper New York State, likely that of Edward B. Greene, to design his estate. The design is very much in keeping with the craftsmanship principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement: simplicity, durability, suitability for the life that is to be lived in the house, and in harmony with its natural surroundings.


RAPTORS Game 6 @ Pub at the House!

Come watch the Raptors Game with us! Game 6 starts at 9pm

Pub at the House!


Starting June 6, Every Thursday at the Miller Lash House!

Live Music, Fantastic Food outside in the Gorgeous Rouge Valley and Highland Creek!

U of T Scarborough Retiree's AT Pub at the House

Thursday June 13, 2019


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The Miller Lash House
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